Gold Star Chili is kicking off 2014 with a special promotion to introduce its newest menu offering, Gold Star Chili Doritos Nachos. The promotion is a partnership with Pepsi/Frito-Lays’ Doritos brand. If the new Nachos offering does well in its initial promotional period, January 13 through February 23, Gold Star plans to add it permanently to the regular menu.

Gold Star Doritos Nachos feature Nacho Cheese Doritos, piled high with mild Cheddar cheese, Gold Star’s Cincinnati-style chili, diced tomatoes, jalapeños, and black olives, drizzled with Chipotle Ranch dressing and topped with a dollop of sour cream. The large portion can be ordered as an entre or sharable appetizer for $4.99 or as a combo meal, paired with a regular fountain drink for $5.99.

Gold Star’s Doritos Nachos promotion capitalizes on a current trend of restaurant menu items that feature high-profile package goods or grocery brand products as key ingredients. It is also part of a strategy to help Gold Star Chili reconnect with a younger demographic segment.

“While there is broad appeal for the Doritos brand, it has a particularly strong following with the millennial demographic that Gold Star hopes to capture with this promotion,” says Charlie Howard, Gold Star Chili vice president of marketing and brand development. “A significant portion of our television, radio, and digital media budget for this promotion will be targeting millennial males, age 18 to 34.”

Gold Star Chili will also be offering Doritos as a component of two other current menu offerings: Cincinnati-style Chili Cheese Dip and its South of the Border Chili Salad.


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