A Cincinnati native sees Pete Rose at an out-of-town event and says, “Hey Pete! Cincinnati! Skyline Chili!” Pete says, “No, Gold Star Chili.”

Gold Star Chili appreciates Pete’s brand loyalty after all of these years and the role that he played in helping to build the Gold Star Chili brand as an advertising spokesman back in the 1980s. And to reciprocate, as part of its 50th Anniversary commemoration of its brand history, Gold Star would like to play a role in Pete’s reinstatement into major league baseball and announces the kick-off of an online petition campaign that it has branded: 14in15.

The obvious message, directed to the commissioner of Major League Baseball (MLB), Rob Manfred: Reinstate No.14 in 2015.

To facilitate this initiative, Gold Star has created a branded graphic for 14in15, which will provide graphic continuity for all of the campaign’s online assets. The accompanying message, directed to the MLB commissioner states, “Dear Commish: Don’t wait. Reinstate.”

The campaign will be promoted via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, and targeted online media placement. The messaging and graphic will also appear on signage in Gold Star Chili restaurants and on T-shirts and bumper stickers that Gold Star will be giving away on Opening Day and other events leading up to the July 14 All-Star game, which will be played in Cincinnati. 14in15 t-shirts will also be available for purchase via Gold Star Chili’s online store.

Gold Star Chili will be collecting signatures through June 30 and will forward to Manfred’s office prior to the 2015 All-Star Game.

Fans who wish to sign the petition may do so via Gold Star Chili’s Facebook page or by visiting its website.

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