Freedman, Gibson &White, Inc., a Cincinnati-based marketing communications firm, announced February 14 its selection as the agency of record for Gold Star Chili. FG&W will begin an orientation process with the Gold Star account in January and will initiate strategic planning, creative development, media and public relations late in the first quarter of 2000.

Gold Star selected FG&W for several reasons, including the agency’s history with various QSR accounts, creative abilities, knowledge of the competition and strategic insights. FG&W’s extensive experience with the QSR category was the key to Gold Star’s decision. In the past, the agency has also serviced Skyline, Frisch’s Big Boy, Roy Roger’s and Burger Chef.

“Gold Star was looking for an agency that could challenge our current position in the market. FG&W was the agency that could most effectively communicate our vision to our consumers,” said Roger David, marketing director for Gold Star. “We’ve been in the market for 35 years and we needed an agency that understood how important our history was to the evolution of who we are today and where we will be in the future.”

With 120 Gold Star Chili restaurants in the Greater Cincinnati area and beyond, Gold Star is the largest chili chain in the county. The first Gold Star Chili opened September 15, 1965. Thirty years later, the site is home to a newly renovated Gold Star Chili restaurant and the company’s central commissary.

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