We’re just two weeks into the Lenten season and already, Friday Fish Fry Fatigue has set in. Luckily, Gold Star Chili has a variety of delicious vegetarian menu entrees, with a great $1 off discount offer to accompany them. 

Every Friday, through the end of Lent, Gold Star Chili is offering $1 off its vegetarian Cincinnati-style 3-ways, burritos, burrito bowls, and chili salads.
“More and more consumers are asking for flavorful, but meatless menu options,” says Gold Star Vice President of Marketing Charlie Howard.  “A bowl of Gold Star veggie chili is only 180 calories, loaded with vegetables, full of fiber and protein, and features the same spicy, uniquely Gold Star flavor as our regular chili. As such, our veggie chili has become the foundation of an entire line of vegetarian variations of classic Cincinnati-style menu options that are especially popular during Lent.”
With its vegetarian chili menu items, Gold Star offers a Cincinnati-style chili experience for those who observe a strict vegetarian diet (Gold Star veggie chili is vegetarian and vegan), those seeking healthier lifestyle choices, and regular Cincinnati-style chili lovers who crave the flavor but would like to enjoy an additional “guilt-free” chili occasion each week.
Gold Star’s veggie chili is largely made from ingredients sourced from local and regional farms in Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. From local farms to the consumer’s forks, Gold Star Chili’s veggie options are entirely friendly for everyday vegans, vegetarians, and seasonal Lenten observers.
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