Shrimp lovers can rejoice as Texas-based Golden Chick is bringing its beloved Butterfly Shrimp back to menus across its over 220 restaurants, available now through April 14. Not only is the seasonal offering making a return, but the brand’s operations and purchasing teams worked in tandem to bring a product to consumers at a reduced, competitive price that is also 30% larger than previous iterations.  

Golden Chick first introduced butterfly shrimp to its menus in 2020 to accompany its Southern-fried catfish. After observing others within the industry rely on popcorn shrimp, laden with thick breading, the brand identified an opportunity to give customers the crispiness and heartiness they’ve come to expect from Golden Chick. The panko breading provides a light and crispy crust that doesn’t weigh the shrimp down. 

“This time of year, there is a concerted effort from brands to bring unique seafood offerings to the public, however, many fall short due to poor execution and a lack of high-quality ingredients,” says Mark Parmerlee, CEO of Golden Chick. “As a brand, we worked closely with our partners to identify products that truly provide value for our guests in terms of taste and price. We’re ensuring that we deliver on our brand promises across the board.” 

In addition to its Butterfly Shrimp, Golden Chick also offers traditional Southern-fried catfish year-round, sourced from U.S. farms and hand-breaded with a spiced cornmeal batter. This year, the brand is providing guests with four signature seafood combos including: 

·         A six-piece Butterfly Shrimp combo for $7.99, with six Butterfly Shrimp, a Southern-style side, fresh-baked Yeast roll, cocktail sauce and a 30-ounce drink  

·         Surf N’ Turf combo for $8.99 including two Golden Tenders, three Butterfly Shrimp, a Southern-style side, fresh-baked Yeast roll, Lotta Zing and cocktail sauce and a 30-ounce drink 

·         Catfish & Shrimp combo for $11.99 with two Catfish filets, three Butterfly Shrimp, a Southern-style side, fresh-baked Yeast roll, cocktail Sauce and a 30-ounce drink  

·         Three-piece Catfish meal for $11.99 including three Catfish filets, a Southern-style side, fresh-baked Yeast roll and a 30-ounce drink 

For additional ways to enjoy the seasonal offering, guests can add 20 Butterfly Shrimp to any order for just $12 or three for $2.49. The brand will also promote one of the brand’s popular legacy offers, the “Lucky 13” combo meal for $22.99 including 13 Golden Tenders, four fresh-baked Yeast rolls, one family side and three sauces or gravy.

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