GoMobo, a mobile payment company, today announced a new, white-label solution named GoEat. The service allows any restaurant chain to utilize GoMobo’s patent-pending online and mobile ordering technology for its own branded Web site and text-message ordering service.

This follows last week’s announcement that Papa John’s Pizza launched a new, in-house text-message ordering service, allowing customers to order pizza for takeout and delivery with the mobile phones.

For restaurants seeking an easier solution than building a platform from the ground up, GoMobo’s “software as a service” (SaaS) model, which began in the enterprise software industry, is now the best and cheapest solution for online and text-message ordering.

Rather than pay high, upfront development and recurring support costs to maintain an in-house online/text-message ordering solution, GoMobo is currently offering GoEat with no upfront cost and a low monthly fee, starting at $49.99.

GoMobo offers restaurants the ability to have an online and text-message ordering service with their own branded look and feel, while also being featured on the broader GoMobo Network where consumers can view all restaurants near them in a virtual food court setting powered by Google Maps.

“We’ve had an incredible press and consumer reaction to the GoMobo online and text-message ordering solution,” says GoMobo CEO Noah N. Glass. “Now every restaurant can benefit from our years of development, robust support infrastructure, and certification from all mobile carriers to promote their brand through the mobile channel. GoEat is a turnkey solution to make it easy for restaurants to go mobile.”

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