The company announced today that their new line of chicken sandwiches introduced in early January is a big hit. After extensive testing, and with culinary advice from Good Times “Director of Global Expansion,” the company launched four new sandwiches. “We just weren’t chicken proud,” says Bob Turrill, VP Marketing, “but now we are!” The four new chicken sandwiches are the Burnin’ Buffalo, Tangy Teriyaki, Peppercorn Bacon Ranch, and the Guacamole Bacon Chicken.

“Good Times has long been known for great burgers made with all natural Coleman beef and for fresh frozen custard made every two hours, but we recognized that our customers were asking for a great chicken sandwich as well,” says Turrill. “With quality and flavor in mind, we set out to bring the customer several great taste profiles that would offer another reason to come back to Good Times. Based on the early results it appears that we have met the customer needs as chicken sandwich sales have nearly tripled since the launch!”

Good Times plans to continue their evolution of the chicken category with additional sandwich flavors as well as the launch of a new chicken tender product later this year.

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