Grecian Delight donated 34,000 pounds of various flatbreads and specialty meats to to assist hurricane victims. Chef Michael Morrison headed the relief effort by reaching out via the Research Chef Association (RCA) and divided the donation equally between the states of Louisiana and Texas.

Chef Michael Morrison established on the first night of 9/11/2001. The organization, comprised of a group of chefs recognized by the Salvation Army, FEMA, and the Red Cross, works to feed people where there is need. Since 9/11/2001 the relief effort has also been involved in assisting people in need, specifically Hurricane Katrina victims by supplying an average of 65,000 meals a day. All donations made to this effort are shipped to Kajun Kettle Foods in New Orleans.

At the onset of Hurricane Gustav, Chef Morrison used the resources and power of the RCA to reach out for donations. Chef John Matchuk, a Certified Research Chef from Grecian Delight Foods and member of the RCA, saw the request and responded. Grecian Delight donated healthy foods that are convenient to prepare and serve due to their foodservice packaging.

According to Chef Matchuk, “members of the RCA have a primary concern for the food provided to people. It is our passion.” Hurricane Ike hit the shores of Texas after the truck left Illinois, so Chef Morrison sent half to New Orleans and Baton Rouge and the other half to Texas.

Grecian Delight is a privately owned and operated company with a systemwide commitment to quality and customer service. The company specializes in premium Mediterranean food products including artisan flatbreads, signature sauces and spreads, and specialty meats.

RCA was formed in 1996 by a group of food professionals including chefs, food scientists, and other industry professionals who are passionately interested in Culinology, the integration of culinary arts and the science of food. Culinology is a registered trademark of the RCA.

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