Vivonet today announced the successful implementation of its web-based point of sale (POS) system, Halo, inside the Booster Juice Franchise. At the end of 2007, all 150 Canadian Booster Juice stores went live with Halo. All locations from Newfoundland to British Columbia were operational with the system within 90 days.

Booster Juice decided to move forward with the Halo web-based point of sale system in September of 2007. There were only a few weeks left until the start of the busy Christmas season and it was important that sales over this busy season would not be affected during implementation. By the beginning of December, every location was live with Halo—all within a 90 day timeframe

Each location received a complete Halo POS system with customized menu items uploaded and installed. Before going live with the new system, Halo staff extensively trained all Booster Juice franchisees and mangers remotely over teleconferences and web-meetings. The Halo community support team ensured that each owner left the training sessions feeling confident and adept at using Halo. Halo’s 24-hour support ensured that any questions or challenges were addressed immediately to ensure a seamless transition.

“A 90-day implementation is unheard of and I was amazed at how smoothly the switch to Halo really was,” said Natalie Peace, franchisee owner of three Booster Juice locations in Kamloops, British Columbia. “The Halo community team walked us through the system step-by-step and made sure that all 35 of my staff members were able to handle the very busy Christmas rush without issue. The benefits of using Halo are significant in the way I am able to manage my labor costs and stay fully informed about what each of my stores is doing at any given moment in time.”

“Halo’s web-based architecture makes it a great solution for the franchise model. Halo is custom made for franchise and chain organizations that want to seamlessly report on all their locations in real-time as well as control menus, pricing and much more from one centralized location. It is an affordable option that allows owners, mangers or franchisees to focus their energy on their core business,” said Ryan Volberg, CEO of Vivonet Inc. “For Booster Juice, that’s exactly what happened. After the installation of Halo, Booster Juice had one of its busiest and smoothest Christmas seasons to date.”