To celebrate National Biscuit Month, Hardee’s is working with Nashville-based brewery, Southern Grist Brewing Co., to turn its biscuits into a golden liquid form, as an ingredient in the soon-to-be launched Strawberry Biscuit Ale. Infused with 200 pounds of Hardee’s Made from Scratch Biscuits that have been perfected for decades, this full-bodied, cream ale incorporates delicious hints of strawberry jam and buttermilk. With this epic launch by Southern Grist, fans can enjoy their biscuits all day long, whether indulging in their favorite Hardee’s breakfast menu items in the morning or sipping Strawberry Biscuit Ale day or night.

Beginning September 1, Strawberry Biscuit Ale will be available at the Southern Grist Brewing Co. Taprooms in Nashville. For those not local to the Nashville area, the ale will be offered via shipping and at retailers in select markets nationwide to customers aged 21+. Fans can head to to see where it’s available near them while quantities last.

Hardee’s x Southern Grist Strawberry Biscuit Ale: A full-bodied ale infused with the flavor of Hardee’s iconic Made from Scratch Biscuit and hints of a delectable strawberry jam.

Pricing: 4-Pack at Southern Grist Taprooms: $12, pricing may vary by retailer

Hardee’s Made from Scratch Biscuit: A fluffy, warm Made from Scratch Biscuit alongside a sweet strawberry jam sauce and butter.  

Pricing: $1.19, plus tax, pricing may vary by location

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