Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration, a provider of commercial refrigeration components and systems, is expanding its unit cooler product line by launching a new low temperature version to complement the existing medium temperature Slim Contour product. Designed to address the needs of foodservice operators, the Heatcraft Slim Contour unit cooler has a lower profile that maximizes storage space within a walk-in cooler and incorporates design features that enhance serviceability, while offering two temperature options for improved product integrity of medium and low temperature foods.


Now targeting medium and low temperature applications, the Slim Contour integrates an energy efficient advanced air mover with a modular design, high strength resin housing and a refrigeration duty optimized small diameter coil design to provide maximum cooling performance with a reduced unit height of less than 11 inches. The Slim Contour unit cooler modular fan cassettes allow for easy access to the drain pan and coil for cleaning and servicing of the unit.


"With the addition of the low temperature Slim Contour unit cooler, we can now offer the advantage of additional storage space, improved serviceability, and increased energy efficiency in both low and medium temperature walk-in coolers," says Jeff Johnson, Heatcraft segment manager, foodservice. "Like the medium temperature version, the low temperature Slim Contour unit cooler, has an innovative, space-saving design that offers enhanced serviceability with removable motor cassettes and maximum cooling performance for foodservice, convenience store, and supermarket applications."


The new unit cooler comes standard equipped with energy efficient EC (electronically commutated) motors for increased energy efficiency, and can be coupled with the Heatcraft Beacon II refrigeration system to maximize system energy savings and performance. The optimized coil design also allows for up to a 40 percent reduction in refrigerant charge as compared to traditional walk-in unit coolers, and when paired with the Heatcraft ½ to 6 HP microchannel condensing units, provides a strong sustainable and energy efficient solution for foodservice operators.


"At Heatcraft, we understand the storage space, product integrity, and serviceability challenges in walk-in coolers" says Subodh Sharma, director of marketing for Heatcraft. "Our Slim Contour unit cooler provides our customers with a solution to address these needs and lower their energy costs at the same time."