Heinz Foodservice offers its Heinz Ketchup in #10 Pouch Packs, the most economical way to purchase Heinz Ketchup for back-of-house use. The Pouch Packs allow operators to satisfy customers with America’s Favorite Ketchup and their bottom line with the lowest price per ounce for any form of Heinz Ketchup – bulk or tabletop.


The #10 Pouch Packs have 90 percent less packaging by weight compared to the #10 can. The flexible packaging takes up less space when discarded, resulting in lower disposal costs. Easy to open with no need for a can opener, Pouch Packs maximize employee safety. Available in two convenient pack sizes, four-count and six-count cases, new Pouch Packs satisfy bulk back-of-house needs.


Given a choice in ketchup, people prefer Heinz Ketchup more than five to one versus any other brand. Grown Not Made, the tomatoes in every bottle of Heinz Ketchup come from Heinz Seeds and are grown by farmers the company knows and trusts. The result is a great tasting ketchup made from only the firmest, juiciest, freshest tomatoes.

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