Leading foodservice equipment innovator and manufacturer Henny Penny Corporation has launched a new advertising campaign to spotlight the company’s equipment solutions, as well as the positive effects they can have on a restaurant’s bottom line.

Dubbed the “Better Solutions” campaign and created by nationally recognized business-to-business agency VantagePoint Marketing, the ads were inspired by the economic justification sales strategy employed by Henny Penny for products including the Evolution Elite open fryer and SmartHold holding cabinet.

With measurable advantages, such as significantly less oil usage and longer food holding times, Henny Penny products save foodservice operators real dollars.

The new ads bring that message to life by using math symbols made from food. For example, the ad for Henny Penny’s Evolution Elite fryer features a “less than” symbol comprised of french fries, along with the headline, “Less Oil. More Savings.”

“Our last campaign used food products depicting globally recognized monuments,” says Rob Connelly, president of Henny Penny. “We wanted to build on that basic concept, but also wanted to evolve the message to highlight the positive financial impact—be it in ingredient cost, labor, or time savings—that our equipment can provide.”

The new campaign also features a number of microsites—small, self-contained websites—to support key Henny Penny products and illustrate their cost-savings benefits.

For customers interested in learning how much money, and oil, they could save by installing Evolution Elite open fryers, one microsite includes a calculator that demonstrates savings based on the amount of oil a restaurant uses and the number of days between oil discards.

That microsite also allows customers to contact a Henny Penny distributor to schedule an individual oil usage analysis.

“We know that for a restaurant that does a lot of frying, oil can be one of their most significant expenses,” Connelly says. “The oil calculator tool instantly shows a restaurant owner or operator how much they could save on an annual basis.” 

Henny Penny’s new ad campaign will appear online and in print in major websites and publications targeting the restaurant and foodservice industries. The campaign has also been adapted for use as a distributor resource and in tradeshow materials.