HM Electronics Inc. (HME) introduced the quick-service industry’s first drive-thru headset system with HD audio, EOS | HD. The clarity and noise reduction from EOS | HD delivers a whole new drive-thru experience for restaurants.

HD audio from HME combines wideband technology and advanced noise reduction enhancements to improve the whole drive-thru experience. Wideband technology more than doubles the audio range of a standard drive-thru headset and allows crew members and customers to communicate like they’re standing right in front of each other. This clearer, more true-to-life experience increases order accuracy and speed of service for the drive thru and improves customer experience.

“EOS | HD is revolutionary,” says Daren Haas, VP of marketing and new business development. “Introducing HD audio to the [quick-serve] market is a gigantic step for the industry. EOS | HD will help our [quick-serve] partners deliver faster, superior service to their guests.”

EOS | HD also features new noise reduction advancements that are specifically designed for the drive-thru environment. With an 88 percent improvement in outbound noise reduction and a 44 percent improvement in inbound noise reduction, EOS | HD removes everything from kitchen noise and blenders to engines and car sounds, so there is a clear ordering process from start to finish.

EOS | HD provides clearer, more intelligible sound, reduced noise from both inside and outside the restaurant, and fewer distractions for crew members. The result is improved order accuracy, increased profitability, and an improvement in customer and staff experience. 

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