In celebration of one of its favorite months of the year, Bruxie is adding Holy Sauce to its lineup of house-made sauces that complement the special herb and spice batter of its crispy tenders.

Developed by Bruxie Founder & Chef Kelly Mullarney, the new Holy Sauce borrows from the flavors of the restaurant’s most popular waffle sandwich, The Holy Chicken. Made with real maple syrup, sriracha hot sauce and smoked bacon, Holy Sauce is a balance of sweet, spicy and smoky.

With the introduction of the new Holy Sauce, Bruxie now offers eight unique sauces that each provide a distinct flavor experience. While Ranch and BBQ are the most popular choices, Holy Sauce is expected to quickly become a new favorite.

Bruxie takes particular pride in their tenders. After being marinated overnight in buttermilk for added tenderness, each piece is hand battered and fried to order.

“I’ve always loved the texture and flavor of Fried Chicken, and am extremely proud of the tenders we serve,” says Chef Kelly, who only uses all-natural and hormone-free chicken at all Bruxie locations. “A lot of care goes into each tender – from being marinated overnight in buttermilk, to being hand-battered and fried to order – and you’ll be hard pressed to find a better tasting tender.”

Holy Sauce is available at all Bruxie locations beginning September 1, and every order of Chicken Tenders during the month will receive the new Holy Sauce to enjoy.

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