The quest for a “just right” disposable glove is seemingly never-ending. While latex offers perfect fit and feel, some people are allergic (limiting not only who can wear them, but in which applications they can be used). Nitrile mimics the feel of latex, but at a premium price. Vinyl is priced right but lacks the durability some applications demand. PVC has finite dexterity. And on and on it goes.

Hospeco Brands Group’s VyBlend Synthetic Vinyl Gloves, available in industrial and exam grade, are the “just right” solution. They have the fit and feel of latex. They are softer and more durable than standard vinyl gloves, with finer dexterity and comfort. Plus, they are better for the environment because they are phthalate-free (no DINP, DOP, or DEHP are used in the plasticizing softening process).

VyBlend arrives as demand for quality, multi-purpose disposable gloves is at an all-time high. These latex-free disposables are available in industrial general purpose — ideal for foodservice and food processing (complies with CFR Title 21 Indirect Food Additive Regulations Part 177 for use in contact with food) and are durable enough for jan/san, safety, and other industrial applications. Exam-grade VyBlend meets ASTM D5250 and is ideally suited for dental, healthcare, long-term and nursing care, and veterinary.

The gloves are made from a blend of advanced synthetic elastomer and PVC, and each is ambidextrous with a beaded cuff, smooth external finish, PU coating in interior surface, and powder-free. Thickness is 3.5 mil at the palm and 4.5 mil at the fingers for industrial grade and 2.75 mil at the palm and 3.0 mil at the fingers for exam grade. VyBlend general purpose gloves are available in black, blue, and blue violet while the exam-grade VyBlend is available in blue only.