Who cares about germs? Just about everyone. People are especially wary of public restroom toilet seats. In fact, 90 percent of people wouldn’t use a public toilet without making sure that the seat is clean and free from possible disease-transferring germs. This is a very personal measure of your facility and your brand, which is why it’s so important to offer an easy-to-use, effective, and high-quality toilet seat cover.

With the touch of just one fingertip, HOSPECO Health Gards lever-action toilet seat cover dispensers release a single disposable paper cover. The seat cover is presented from the dispenser in full and ready to use—not folded and no tabs to tear. Simply place it on the seat.

It couldn’t be easier for guests to use—or for maintenance staff to work with. Health Gards lever-action toilet seat cover dispensers are easy to mount, easy to load, and easy to maintain. They can even keep restrooms cleaner and save money by preventing the need for “improvised” toilet seat barriers that can result in excessive toilet paper and paper towel usage, not to mention cause paper-strewn floors and expensive toilet clogs.

Health Gards refills are made of an economical and strong paper stock that is completely flushable and safe to use. It is large enough to provide adequate overhang on seats for the comfort and peace of mind of your guests.

A tidier, more sanitary restroom is a win for everyone—customers, employees, and your brand.

As HOSPECO celebrates its 100th anniversary, it marks a century of bringing safe and efficient innovation to the away-from-home market.