Hospeco, a leading manufacturer of facility cleaning and personal protection products in North America, announces its expanded SaniWorks Foodservice Towel line with the addition of the new EPS (Enhanced Performance for Sanitizing) towel. SaniWorks EPS Towels are durable, extended-use towels constructed to be more compatible with quat and chlorine sanitizers. The new EPS towels will be showcased at the company’s exhibit at the National Restaurant Association show, booth number 10245, this May in Chicago, Illinois.

Unlike many cloth towels and disposable wipes, Hospeco’s EPS towels consistently release the effective sanitizer to the wiping surface to better ensure proper surface sanitizing and to aid in the prevention of cross contamination. The EPS towels are engineered to inhibit the active ingredient in the sanitizer from binding with the towel, so the cleaning solution in the bucket gets to the towel and releases to the surface in the proper amount.

The SaniWorks line now consists of four core categories of foodservice towels varying in performance, durability, duration of use, and size to provide the right towel to meet a facility’s specific applications, to work with the user’s designated cleaning/sanitizing protocols, and to meet the facility’s desired cost in use.

In addition to the new EPS Towels, the four categories also include Deluxe Antimicrobial Towels (the antimicrobial treatment inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria in the towel; designed to be reusable, but priced to be disposable); Bar Mop Replacement Towels (more sanitary and more durable than traditional bar mops or linen towels, these items are designed to be rewashed and reused, even laundered, for extended periods of time); and Choice Counter Towels (an ideal option for short-term use such as basic counter wiping or in concessions).

Color-coding is essential to improving all efforts in the prevention of cross contamination, and Hospeco’s SaniWorks line allows for easy color-coding. Facilities can assign color codes to surface cleaning as part of their Hazard Analysis Critical Control Program (HACCP).

Most SaniWorks Foodservice Towels are now packed in a new CounterCase designed to help maximize storage space. Hospeco’s Counter Cases are lower-profile, single- or dual-ended dispenser cases that allow the towels to be dispensed from the ends of the case, requiring less horizontal shelf space and providing ease-of-sight inventory control and protection for the towels.

SaniWorks Foodservice Towels are a lower-cost and more sanitary alternative to rental and/or cloth towels. SaniWorks towels can be combined with Hospeco’s other foodservice disposable product lines, i.e., gloves, disposable apparel, restroom supplies, etc.

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