HotSchedules announced today the launch of Jobsabi, a new talent sourcing solution that allows restaurants to find and hire top talent faster and more economically than ever before. Jobsabi is integrated with HotSchedules or can be used standalone.

In an industry plagued by high turnover, restaurateurs are constantly in recruiting and hiring mode and spend enormous amounts of their time sourcing and interviewing candidates. Often, their only options have been job boards, which are expensive, not tailored for the restaurant industry, and do nothing to encourage referral-based hiring.

Jobsabi is a network of restaurants and restaurant talent that does not currently exist in the industry. Restaurants can claim their restaurant profile and begin posting jobs in less than 60 seconds.  Their own staff can refer talent for open positions by sharing jobs and endorsing candidates.

Anthony Lye, CEO of HotSchedules says, “Referrals account for only 7 percent of candidates but 40 percent of all hires. We think it should be 100 percent! The restaurant industry needs to make hiring more of a referral process rather than the one-off job board approach that is cluttered with job offers for everything from paper-boys to pet sitters. Jobsabi is the single source for hiring restaurant talent, and we have already launched it to our HotSchedules customer base, representing more than 18,000 locations.”

Lye added, “When we launched this product as a beta test in Austin, Texas, we were stunned to see it explode, not only in Austin, but throughout the nation without any marketing support. It was clear to us that there is an unmet need and we’re thrilled to have the solution.”

Austin-based HotSchedules customer Trudy’s beta tested Jobsabi before it was officially launched outside of Austin. Preston Dumas, operations manager says, “We were already huge HotSchedules fans, so we when heard they were launching a talent sourcing app, we were excited. We have traditionally spent quite a bit on job boards such as Craig’s List to try and find applicants, but not only was it hit or miss, the costs add up as you keep posting to keep the job on the top of the list.  I absolutely believe in the power of referrals in this industry, and knowing that an applicant has the necessary restaurant experience is key.”

Jobsabi is now available nationwide, and restaurants can create a profile and receive applicants for Free. For job seekers, the app is available on Android and iPhone and is free to download and use. Restaurants are searchable by location, and job-seekers can follow restaurants they are interested in and be notified when positions become available.