Turkey may take all the recognition on Thanksgiving Day, but Krystal is here to remind fans that it’s all about the sides by spotlighting their beloved secret dressing recipe. The dish, which consists of the crave-able little burgers, is an ideal addition to a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.

“Sure, turkey gets all the recognition on Thanksgiving Day, but let’s be honest, the main character tastes so much better with the perfect side dish,” says Casey Terrell, Chief Marketing Officer for Krystal Restaurants. “Our signature recipe delivers a dish that guests will drool over and request year after year. If it isn’t a family tradition already, it soon will be.”

The recipe was introduced in 2014 and has since been a fan favorite over the holidays. To create the recipe, guests should purchase one 24 steamer pack and some aromatics. The recipe serves between 10 to 15 people and requires 20 of the square burgers, which means there are four extra burgers just for the chef.

“We offer this dressing recipe as a fun spin to traditional dressing for the holiday season. It tastes great and is easy to prepare, also…makes for great conversation,” adds Chef Ray Kees, Director of Culinary at Krystal. “This recipe combines the expected flavors of sage, celery and onion with our craveable burgers for an instant classic.”

To access the one-of-a-kind recipe, visit https://www.krystal.com/turkey-stuffing/.

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