Humdinner, a drive-thru technology company focused on the quick-serve restaurant and retail industries, announced the launch of its world’s first “No-Touch” multi-lane drive-thru system. Sold as a suite of solutions, customers can now safely place and pick up their orders at quick-serves, grocery stores, pharmacies, and other retail locations without coming into physical contact with anyone or any shared surfaces.

In today’s challenging pandemic, businesses have been searching for a solution to enable order pickup without risk to customers or employees. Although existing drive-thru services offer elements of social distancing safety, customers and employees often come within close contact, touch objects such as credit cards, bags, and other shared surfaces, and speak face-to-face at the payment and pickup windows.

Providing customers with a safe solution for product pickup, whether at quick-serves or retail, enables local economies and businesses of all sizes to regain the ability to safely conduct business transactions without the risks associated during times of social distancing.

Humdinner utilizes patent-pending technology that enables customers to make and complete transactions without touching any common surfaces and pick up their orders without coming into physical contact or close proximity to any person. Humdinner was originally created to optimize quick-service traffic-flow by providing multi-lane drive-thru systems. With the emergence of COVID-19, Humdinner identified that its systems can be deployed for use in retail, solving a major problem.

“We are excited that the Humdinner drive-thru system provides such an immediate and effective solution to a serious global problem,” says Brett Gould, chief marketing officer at Humdinner. “We knew that ‘fast food’ restaurants would be able to multiply their drive-thru orders and that customers would be thrilled with not having to wait in long lines. But when we saw the effects of COVID-19 on the retail industry, we knew that we had an effective solution retail businesses can benefit from. The Humdinner platform provides a complete *no-touch* customer experience, while ensuring high-speed service, an optimized pickup process, and personalized customer service. Although Humdinner can work in conjunction with existing drive-thru menu and ordering systems, our end-to-end platform enables customers to place their orders, pay, and pickup without coming into contact with any person or shared surfaces.”

In the industry prior to COVID-19, most major restaurants attributed about 70% of their business to their drive-thru service. Since the shift from in-restaurant dining to drive-thru, average drive-thru order times have increased, resulting in longer lines and lost business.

“Every second counts when customers are sitting in a drive-thru. If customers arrive at a restaurant and see a long line, typically they will just keep driving to find another place with a shorter line,” says Gould. “By providing a distributed drive-thru system, Humdinner improves the customer experience and allows locations to quickly serve more customers. We are delighted to deliver a drive-thru experience unlike anything you’ve ever encountered before. Now with the serious challenges of a global pandemic, we feel a social obligation to be provide our safe end-to-end no-touch solution for the quick-service and retail industries.”

Humdinner drive-thru systems are designed to deliver up to 500 lbs. of products, making it a viable solution for retail orders of all sizes. An optional safety system can include a bacteria and virus-killing UV-light to sanitize the surface that delivers products to the customers. “Adding the UV-light tunnel provides an additional level of safety for everyone,” says Gould. “This ensures that customers and employees will not come in contact with a surface that could even be touched accidentally.”