Idahoan Foods takes home the top prize at a recent culinary competition, presented by ServSafe, a product of the National Restaurant Association. Representing Idahoan, Kendall College students Nick Wells, Jon Moss, and Dominic Hejna outshined the other teams with their dynamic personality and on-trend signature dish, Crispy Idahoan REAL Mashed Potato Croquette with Savory Braised Pork and Quick Pickled Apple.


During the 2013 National Restaurant Show weekend in May, Idahoan, among four other manufacturer sponsors, partnered with select Kendall College students to compete for a $300 cash award and other sponsor-donated prizes in a People’s Choice competition. Each team put together a culinary demonstration using a preselected manufacturer product. The votes were based on taste, originality, personality, and presentation.


Having the opportunity to work with such a talented group of culinary students has been an incredible experience,” says David Henze, director of foodservice marketing for Idahoan. “Idahoan is honored to continue its support for these future chefs.”


The ServSafe event provides opportunities for culinary students to hone their culinary skills and be exposed to over 200 attendees including chain operators across multiple segments, culinary influencers, food and beverage manufacturer brands, and media.


Idahoan is grower-owned and uses only 100 percent Idaho potatoes for its products. In Idaho, there is a constant supply of pure water, from mountain snow melt, and volcanic soil, which is nutrient-rich and loose, allowing potatoes to grow with proper drainage and deliver a high amount of solids per yield. Idaho also offers the ideal climate for growing potatoes to full maturity, delivering a full balance of flavor in each one.