IN Food Marketing & Design, an ad agency specializing in the foodservice industry, announced the hot trends their team predicts will impact foodservice this coming year. Every person shared insights ranging from flavor trends to customer experiences to well-being and more. Just a few of the topics discussed: 

• Frugal foodie: dining on a dollar… or dime 

• Still a big dill 

• Tipping pushback 

• A craving for nostalgia 

• The rise of plant-based seafood and food waste fare 

“2024 will be an interesting year for the foodservice industry. Consumers are craving the  experience of dining out but are also fatigued with rising costs and have reached a ‘tipping point’ when it comes to gratuities. However, we see some opportunities on the horizon for operators to leverage emerging trends and keep consumers coming back,” says Anita Nelson, IN Food president and founder. 

IN Food Marketing & Design brings over 28 years of B2B and B2C food marketing expertise. Their client list includes General Mills Foodservice, Ruiz Foodservice, Pizzey Ingredients, and  nutpods. 

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