In 2020, Inline Plastics launched their reborn PET material which utilizes post-consumer content made from the latest recycling technology, Advanced Recycling. Currently, all their PET products contain 10% reborn post-consumer material. With sustainability awareness on the rise and a whirlwind of unsubstantiated claims in the industry, Inline believes it is important to have this claim verified by an independent source. SCS Global Services (SCS), a global leader in sustainability standards and third-party verifications, recently certified the company’s claim that all their PET products are ‘Made with 10% Post-Consumer Recycled PET’.

“We believe that integrity and transparency are an important part of doing business and this is why we retained SCS Global Services, to certify our post-consumer recycled material claim,” notes Tom Orkisz, Chairman and CEO of Inline Plastics. 

To achieve certification, SCS conducts an independent third-party audit of the organization and the product(s) with recycled content. The audit checks for manufacturing data, processes, chain of custody procedures, material quantification and mass-balance calculations to determine conformance to the SCS Recycled Content Standard. “By releasing all of our data for an objective and impartial analysis, customers can be confident and trust that we’re a brand who delivers on our claims,” Orkisz concludes.

As part of this certification, Inline Plastic’s Essentials and Safe-T-Fresh product lines are now included in the SCS Green Products Guide, an online directory for SCS certified green products.

“Achieving this certification means that Inline Plastics is verifiably creating products that incorporate recycled material, which reduces waste to landfills and allows consumers more product choices that are environmentally responsible,” says Nicole Munoz, VP of Environmental Certification Services at SCS. “SCS applauds their organization in achieving third-party certification to ensure credibility of their product claims.”

Inline will begin incorporating the SCS certification mark on its website, marketing and sales materials, and packaging to increase customer and consumer awareness.

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