Coming in 2018, a White Castle unlike any other will make its debut.

Along with MG2, White Castle’s new restaurant prototype will include outdoor seating and flexible indoor-outdoor convertible dining areas. It will also be designed around a digital experience and “omnichannel customer journey,” to enhance mobile POS ordering and provide an interactive drive-thru experience.

“We needed help creating a flagship White Castle experience as distinctive as the bold, one-of- a-kind menu we are famous for,” says Kim Bartley, CMO of White Castle, in a statement. “White Castle is the original slider and we want not only our ‘Craver Nation’ to carry the brand, we need new customers to have a great experience and help us build brand loyalty.”

MG2 principal Myra Vaughn explained that the prototype was carefully designed to honor White Castle’s nearly 100 years of history, while still taking the brand into the future.

“Our goal is to create the ultimate White Castle slider customer experience,” Vaughn says in a release. “This is a two-pronged approach, which includes finding a balance between the brand’s heritage and creating a modern experience. We are creating a sense of place with materials and finishes that speak to the brand’s heritage while working with the White Castle team on the technology and other experiential retail changes such as the emphasis on the drive-thru experience.”

“This is a competitive marketplace and we are exploring materials, finishes and furnishings that will withstand a 24-hour environment while maintaining White Castle’s authenticity and elevating the experience to something beyond quick service,” Vaughn adds.

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