Imagine a meal that is colorful, gluten-free, low fat, packed with top-quality protein, healthy and, most importantly, incredibly delicious. All these factors describe poké, yet many do not know what poké is. So, to inspire people to expand their palates, Florida based fast-casual, national franchise, Island Fin Poké Co., created a solution: come into any of their locations for a free sample, try a bite and fall in love. Starting on Dec. 1, from 11am – 2pm and 5pm – 8pm, all Island Fin Poké Co. locations will be offering free two-ounce sample sizes to welcome new guests to experience the bold flavors in each bowl.

At Island Fin, each poké bowl is created with a combination of proteins beyond the commonly presumed option of tuna, with endless possibilities of mix-ins, toppings, and handcrafted sauces that surprise even the most hesitant guests whenever they try it. Franchisees have experienced almost a one hundred percent sales conversion after guests are offered to sample the poké at Island Fin because the experience is so surprisingly delightful, turning them into loyal guests.

“When a guest comes into Island Fin Poké Co., it is our goal to provide them with an incredible sensory experience. This means the environment is beautiful, there’s thematic music always playing, all the surfaces are clean and welcoming with a fresh scent, and everything tastes incredible. We also have a sixth sense here at Island Fin, we call it Ohana. Everyone feels the friendliness, vibe and welcoming environment of Ohana during every visit,” says Mark Setterington, CEO and Founder of Island Fin Poké Co.

Known for its Hawaiian-style, build-your-own poké bowls that are more than just a bowl, Island Fin Poké Co. is a lifestyle. The brand is built the Ohana Way, making sure there is a family-like experience in all aspects of the company, while combining unique and delicious flavors into a healthy bowl. Each bowl is personally created to the liking of each guest while using top-quality ingredients, making every guest experience incrediBOWL.

This sample size consists of the four of Island Fin’s most popular options for guests to choose from to introduce this healthy offering to people who are new to poké. Guests can choose their sample of Ahi Tuna, Spicy Tuna, Salmon, or Chicken. Each protein is paired with the best combination of mix-ins, toppings, and sauces, breaking the raw fish stigma, one bowl at a time. 

At Island Fin Poké Co., each regular bowl is completely customizable, offering endless possibilities for guests to experience. There are three bases to choose from: white rice, brown rice, and spring mix. Next, guests choose from eight options of top-quality protein such as tuna, chicken, salmon, tofu, spam, octopus, and shrimp. Each protein is offered with a choice of marinating sauce and mix-ins of five options, then leveled up with 21 toppings options, and finally, drizzled with one of their unique, exotic finishing sauces.

Supporting the CEO’s mission, all Island Fin Poké Co. locations offer an amazing sensory experience and provide guests with friendly service in a clean environment during every visit, which is implemented into every aspect of the brand, and in each interaction. Guests walk into a bright and friendly environment, greeted by a welcoming staff, with curated music and friendly conversation among all employees and guests. Most importantly, senses are heightened with the incredible and fresh combination of flavors of poké, toppings, mix-ins and sauces in every bite.

All of this is demonstrated and supported by their team members personally serving each order out to the table of each guest, then clearing plates and cleaning up after each guest as soon as they are finished, with no trash cans in the dining area at all, to avoid the unsightly view and odor that a trash can in a fast-casual restaurant can create. Each experience is personalized at every location from the moment guests walk through the doors until the moment they leave, as if guests were dining at their family’s home, because that’s the Ohana Way.

As Island Fin Poké Co. remains on its steady path of growth, the brand continues to welcome more guests and franchisees to its Ohana. 

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