TCBY wants moms to know how important they have been to its heritage for almost 30 years. Knowing moms have become increasingly aware of the importance of eating healthier and making sure their families eat healthier, TCBY invites moms to indulge on their special day without the guilt.

Featuring non-fat yogurt plentiful in Calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and Fiber, TCBY’s frozen yogurt isn’t just a treat, but is loaded with nutrition. More important, especially for moms and their children, TCBY features the industry’s most abundant amounts of prebiotics and probiotics, including the largest concentration of live cultures.

For the third year in a row, it will offer free frozen yogurt to Moms on Mother’s Day, May 9. Moms will have the choice of their favorite flavors such as White Chocolate Mousse or new limited time offers, Butter Pecan or Ruby Red Grapefruit, served in a cup or cone.

“Moms have been good to TCBY for years, so it’s a small gesture on our part to recognize them on their day,” says Michael Ward, president of TCBY. “Moms have also been the motivation for our increased investment in research and development in the last two years with our intent on serving a product that is considered ‘healthy’ by even the most critical nutritionists, and still delivering the great taste of frozen yogurt customers expect from TCBY. We feel we have delivered on that front and Mother’s Day is simply one way for us to share that innovation.”

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