As a part of its Fall “Feel Good Campaign,” Jamba Juice announced it will be bringing some feel-good kicks to Southern California skateboarders November 14 with a surprise event at the renowned Skatelab indoor skate park in Simi Valley, California. Beginning at noon, admission to the park is on Jamba, as Bananaman, Jamba’s “Feel Good Jambassador,” hands out free passes to the first 200 guests along with Jamba Feel Good Bucks—vouchers worth anywhere from $1 towards a Jamba Juice product purchase to $10,000 in cash. As a bonus, the first 100 skaters will receive a limited edition Jamba skateboard deck, designed by the Jamba Juice creative team.

Launched last month, Jamba’s Feel Good Campaign is a three-month, multi-part promotion designed to recreate and share the feeling customers get when enjoying Jamba products. It is supported by three complementary initiatives: the “Feel Good Bucks,” Jamba’s “Feel Good Moment” sweepstakes, and a series of unexpected “Feel Good Events” including today’s event at Skatelab.

“As a company committed to promoting a healthy, active lifestyle, we wanted to offer something special for our customers who live this in their daily life,” says James D. White, president and CEO of Jamba Juice. “The on-the-go nature of skateboarders makes them a natural fit for the Jamba Juice experience and by hosting this weekend’s skate event we’re looking to highlight and support a great activity that benefits kids overall fitness and health.”

For information on Jamba’s “Feel Good Campaign,” click here.

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