JOE & THE JUICE, the renowned global fast-casual chain synonymous with high-quality juices, coffees, and nutritious food offerings, announces the launch of an exciting addition to their menu – the Eggcado Breakfast Sandwich. 

After the overwhelming success of the Tunacado sandwich, which captured worldwide virality across social media, the brand received an influx of customer requests for a similarly innovative breakfast sandwich option. Responding to this demand, the Eggcado Breakfast Sandwich was born—a combination of fresh cage-free hard-boiled egg mousse, low-fat mayo, avocado, tomato, spinach, and JOE’s signature Spicy Sauce. The Eggcado is a vegetarian and dairy free product that contains gluten. Alongside the Eggcado Breakfast Sandwich, Joe & The Juice is also launching The Slab Breakfast Sandwich and Eggcado Breakfast Bowl as part of their menu expansion. These new additions to their menu also reflect JOE & THE JUICE’s commitment to listening and adapting to the evolving tastes of their global audience. 

It’s no secret that Joe & The Juice is known for its iconic JOE’s bread. Elevating the breakfast experience even further, a new bespoke bread has been meticulously crafted for our breakfast sandwiches, promising consumers a fresh and innovative dining experience. Separately, the team at Joe & The Juice has gone to great lengths to ensure all ingredients are held to certain animal welfare standards. The eggs contained in the egg prep are certified cage-free. 

“The Eggcado Breakfast Sandwich is our latest endeavor to reinvent breakfast, offering a delicious and nutritious option for our customers,” says Kasper Garnell, Global Brand Director at JOE & THE JUICE. “We believe that breakfast should be an energizing experience, setting the tone for a great day. With the Eggcado Sandwich, we are aiming to provide a morning option that aligns with our brand’s ethos and dedication to quality.” 

The Eggcado Breakfast Sandwich and other key breakfast items including The Slab Breakfast Sandwich and Eggcado Breakfast Bowl are launching on the menu in all stores globally on February 7th, 2024. The Eggcado Breakfast Sandwich and The Slab Breakfast Sandwich contain gluten. 

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