KFC announced the launch of Dip'ems Extra Crispy chicken tenders with six delectable dipping sauces.

The chicken tenders are made from 100 percent premium all-white meat chicken, marinated and double-breaded in special seasonings. While they are tasty enough on their own, there is also the option to dip them in six Dip’ems sauces. Three new sauce selections – Creamy Buffalo, Orange Ginger, and Bacon Ranch – join the already popular line-up of Honey BBQ, Honey Mustard, and Creamy Ranch.
“We know – and our customers have confirmed – that dipping is irresistible. Once you start dipping, you just can’t stop,” says Jason Marker, chief marketing officer for KFC U.S. “Our solution: Dip’ems, an irresistible combination of Extra Crispy Tenders and six sauces that will satisfy any appetite.”
Dip’ems are available at participating KFC locations in a bucket of 20 tenders and all six sauces or in a combo with three tenders, a choice of two sauces, a side item, a biscuit, and a medium drink for $5.
Dip’ems allows people, especially dudes, to throw out the rulebook and bring in the playbook on eating etiquette.
“No one should tell a man how to eat. Especially if it’s Dip’ems. If men need advice on how to eat with their hands, then our society is in trouble,” says Joel Stein, humorist and author of Man Made: A Stupid Quest for Masculinity. “And now with all these individual sauces to choose from, I can double dip by myself all I want. And I want to a lot.”
Stein is not the only one with a strong opinion about double dipping. KFC recently conducted a survey to reveal what people really think about dude food etiquette including the “double dip” and the "five-second rule." Following are some of the more surprising results:
Party Faux Pas: Nearly half (46 percent) of respondents believe that it would be more offensive to double dip than skinny dip at a party
The Never-Second Rule: Only 22 percent of the respondents believe it is okay to eat food that has hit the ground – and stayed there – for five seconds or less
Napkin Optional: In the absence of a napkin, 40 percent of respondents would wipe their hands on clothes (pants or shirt) – though not necessarily their own, as six percent admitted they would use a friend’s clothes as a napkin
Claim to Fame: Four out of five (79 percent) respondents would rather never be famous than be famous only for double dipping at a White House state dinner
Table Manners: More than half of respondents consider it extremely impolite to eat food that was dropped on the floor (55 percent) or double dip into a shared dip (52 percent) when eating with someone
Seeing the humor in eating etiquette and to encourage everyone to have fun with Dip’ems, KFC has teamed up with Break Media to create a series of videos around “Dipping Rules.” Starring Jay Mohr, each webisode features the dos and don’ts of dude food etiquette including when it is okay to double dip and whether the five second rule applies to sauce. The first video will air on October 17, 2012.
In addition, starting that date, people can share their best “dude food rules” for a chance to win the ultimate weekend in Las Vegas, with three friends, an Xbox 360 with five great games, or $50 in KFC Chicken Checks.
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