Last summer, KFC changed the game for bite-sized chicken with its successful introduction of Original Recipe Bites. Barely a year later, the brand is turning up the heat with the launch of Hot Shot Bites, 100 percent whole white breast meat bites, seasoned in a hot and spicy marinade and then hand breaded in KFC’s Extra Crispy breading.


“KFC fans are always looking to us for new and innovative ways to experience the authentic taste of their favorite chicken – and for many of them ‘more spice’ has been at the top of their wish list,” says Jason Marker, chief marketing officer for KFC U.S. “We’re providing customers with new flavors and menu options that fit into how they enjoy food and live their life today.”


The latest launch continues a trend of product innovation from the world’s most famous chicken restaurant chain, including Original Recipe Bites and Original Recipe Boneless. It also addresses the continued popularity of hot and spicy foods.


For a limited time, a six-piece Hot Shot Bites Combo is available for only $3.99 plus tax, and comes with a side item and a medium drink. An eight-piece Boneless Bucket includes Original Recipe Boneless (four pieces of dark meat and four pieces of white meat), along with 10 Hot Shot Bites for just $15.99 plus tax. (Pricing and participation may vary by restaurant.)


TV Commercial: Like a Slap to Your Taste Buds


KFC’s TV commercial for Hot Shot Bites illustrates the product’s spicy kick in a humorous way. The spot features a young man who meets a young woman at a party, and instead of breaking the ice with a corny pick-up line, he simply offers her one of his Hot Shot Bites. Things start to “heat up” when she tastes the hot and spicy product and her response is quite literally a slap in the face, after which she takes the remaining Bites from him.


KFC and Adult Swim Partner to Let Fans Pick the Next Pilot


KFC and Adult Swim have partnered to give fans of the TV network the chance to hand-pick its next pilot. The fan-controlled “Adult Swim Pilots brought to you by KFC” contest features six prospective plots—a mix of animation, live action, and stop-motion animation—that are being made available for fans to preview at Two pilots are featured on the site each week and fans can watch and rate them. The highest-rated and most-watched pilots will then go head-to-head during the week of August 12, with the full episode of the overall most-liked program debuting on Adult Swim the following week.

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