KFC, today announced a new $200 million advertising campaign featuring
actor Jason Alexander as a “Chicken Fanatic.” The first 30-second commercial will begin airing
during prime time on network television on Sunday, July 29. The new tagline is: “There’s Fast
Food. Then There’s KFC.”

The campaign has been developed to tap a competitive nerve against bland food found at other
fast food restaurants, especially the hamburger chains. KFC hopes its new campaign is the
boldest threat yet to capturing share of stomach from the burger giants.

“KFC is declaring war on ordinary, assembled, mundane fast food. There is no need for
consumers to compromise taste and quality for fast food convenience,” said Cheryl Bachelder,
KFC Corporation President and Chief Concept Officer. “It’s time America stops calling a burger and
fries dinner.” Since Colonel Sanders perfected his Original Recipe Chicken(R) made with 11
secret herbs and spices nearly fifty years ago, KFC has become the most popular chicken around
the world. “We use only real chicken, hand-breaded fresh from scratch in our restaurants every
day, and slow cooked to tender, juicy perfection,” Bachelder added.

Jason Alexander appears as a “Chicken Fanatic” in the first campaign spot featuring KFC’s
Original Recipe Chicken. Alexander is on a humorous mission to find people who eat boring and
bland burgers, and convert them into KFC devotees. Widely recognized for his popular role on
Seinfeld, Alexander soon will star in the upcoming “Bob Patterson” sitcom scheduled to debut on
network television this fall.

KFC’s latest salvo in the fast food wars goes head-to-head against burger competitors for market
share. As part of the campaign, KFC is taking out a full-page print advertisement in USA Today with
an “Eat This” coupon offer:

“To rediscover the taste of KFC’s golden, juicy, Original Recipe chicken with 11 herbs and spices,
clip this coupon. To remember the taste of an ordinary processed fast food hamburger, eat this

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