In late March, KFC launched the Li’l Playground Makeover Facebook Contest and invited fans to enter to win makeovers for their local community playgrounds. Now, the winning playgrounds are on their way to getting some TLC, courtesy of KFC. The contest was launched in conjunction with the introduction of KFC’s new Li’l Bucket Kids Meals.


“We received stories and photos from some very deserving organizations,” says Jason Marker, chief marketing officer for KFC U.S. “KFC is pleased to be able to give ‘a li’l help’ to these playgrounds and help make them even better places for the children in these communities.”


The two grand prize-winning playgrounds are located in St. Clair, Missouri, and Broad Channel, Queens, New York.


In St. Clair, the Franklin County Special Education Cooperative will receive an $11,000 grant to add wheelchair ramps and handicap-accessible equipment to benefit their 70 special needs students. As with all the winners, the Cooperative will also receive $500 in Li’l Bucket Kids Meals gift checks. The Franklin County Special Education Cooperative was nominated by Monica Hiatt.


“Many students require occupational therapy, and it’s very hard for them to use the current playground equipment,” Hiatt says. “Sometimes the kids have to sit and watch their classmates play. We want them to be able to play, interact with one another, and build social skills.”


In Broad Channel, the community will use their $11,000 grant to rebuild a playground that was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. Jennifer Mungeer entered the contest on behalf of the Broad Channel community.


“Every house in this area was destroyed. I want to help make a positive impact for the children of the community that have seen so much destruction,” Mungeer says. “We want to make this a place of joy so kids can focus on being kids again.”


Other finalists that will receive $1,000 grants and $500 in KFC gift checks include:

  • Bryan Elementary School, Mission, Texas

  • Castle Hill Elementary, Tampa, Fla.


Li’l Bucket Kids Meals Feature National Geographic Kids Weird But True Facts


KFC’s new Li’l Bucket Kids Meal is a kid-friendly version of KFC’s iconic bucket. The meal includes a Kentucky Grilled Chicken drumstick, green beans, a GoGo squeeZ applesauce on the go, and Capri Sun Roarin’ Water. (This meal has 210 calories, 4 grams of fat and 565 mg of sodium.)


KFC believes meals are an important time for families to spend together. Through strategic partnerships with kid-friendly brands throughout 2013, KFC’s iconic bucket will feature activities designed specifically for KFC’s Li’ttlest guests.


KFC’s Li’l Buckets include Weird But True facts from National Geographic Kids. Each bucket includes three Weird But True outrageous fact cards, as well as graphics featuring Weird But True facts. The cards and buckets provide an opportunity for parents and kids to enjoy learning together, with facts such as “Your tongue print is as unique as your fingerprints” and “Humans can make 10,000 different facial expressions.”


Li’l Bucket Kids Meals can be customized with other chicken choices, homestyle sides, and drink options for just $3.99 plus tax. Diners have a choice between a Kentucky Grilled Drumstick, four Original Recipe Bites, an Extra Crispy Tender, or a Chicken Little. 

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