KFC Hawaii will be the first franchise in the U.S. to introduce the new Zinger chicken sandwich and a premium beverage, Fruit Fizz, previously only available at KFC Restaurants internationally.

The Zinger chicken sandwich includes a chicken thigh patty marinated and breaded in-store with Hot & Spicy, a special marinade and breading, with shredded lettuce and mayonnaise on a cornmeal-dusted bun.

The Fruit Fizz features a lemon-lime-based soda with colorful syrups to create refreshing drinks such as Strawberry Splash, Berry Vanilla and Passion Delight. Each drink is topped with a maraschino cherry, mandarin orange, and pineapple.

“We’re lucky to be in Hawaii because we get to try the newest menu items from KFC restaurants around the world–usually before the mainland does,” says Steve Johnson, General Manager of KFC Hawaii.

KFC Hawaii conducts multiple new product tests throughout the year with most of the products coming from abroad. Executives and store managers determine which products would be most suitable for the local palates.

The Zinger sandwich and Fruit Fizz are available for a limited time at all 27 KFC Hawaii Restaurants statewide.

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