Chicken sandwich lovers rejoice – KFC just announced its biggest sandwich yet, and it’s stuffed. Starting today, you can order the limited-edition larger- than-life KFC Chicken Sandwich Snuggler exclusively on for $99.99 while supplies last. You read that right, KFC has created a giant, nearly three-foot KFC Chicken Sandwich stuffed pillow plushie just in time for the season of love.

The KFC Chicken Sandwich Snuggler is a delicious twist on ‘KFC’s best chicken sandwich ever,’ and the perfect gift for those craving something cuddly, and quite frankly, a little bit outrageous, in the best way possible!

The KFC Chicken Sandwich, which was introduced nationwide in January 2021 and quickly became a fan-favorite, was the inspiration behind this partnership with Pillow Pets.

Pillow Pets is known for creating fun and functional stuffed companions made of high quality, super soft plush fabrics that bring a sense of comfort and nostalgia to all age groups, and the KFC Chicken Sandwich Snuggler is no exception. Only a limited number of KFC Chicken Sandwich Snugglers are available for purchase. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

So, whether you’re single and snuggling solo or cozying up with your partner or closest friends for a night in, the KFC Chicken Sandwich Snuggler has the versatility to be the perfect napping accessory. Enjoy a snuggle after sinking your teeth into a KFC Chicken Sandwich meal or spice up any room in your home (trust us, it’s impossible to miss).

And while this chicken sandwich pillow looks so tasty that you’ll want to take a bite, it doesn’t actually taste like the real KFC Chicken Sandwich, which features a double-breaded, Extra Crispy chicken breast filet, buttery brioche bun, thick pickles, and the perfect amount of Colonel’s real mayo or spicy sauce.

“We set a new standard for modern comfort food with the introduction of our KFC Chicken Sandwich last year,” says Nick Chavez, chief marketing officer, KFC U.S. “Now fans can snuggle up with the sandwich they love the most thanks to our KFC Chicken Sandwich Snuggler!”

To enhance your cozy cuddling experience with your KFC Chicken Sandwich Snuggler, you can enjoy two new mouthwatering KFC Chicken Sandwich meal deals on the KFC app and

  • The Sandwiches and Sides deal is served with four KFC Chicken Sandwiches and the choice of your favorite two large sides.
  • Spoil your closest friends with the Sandwiches and Tenders meal, which includes four KFC Chicken Sandwiches, six Extra Crispy Tenders, two large sides, four biscuits, and a half-gallon beverage bucket.
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