After reviewing International Automated Systems Inc ‘s new revolutionary self-service fast-food express lanes, called OrderXCEL, Harman’s Management Corp. has agreed to test the system in one of the company’s highest grossing restaurants, located in Sacramento, Calif.

Harman’s Management Corp., the single largest franchise owner of Yum! Brands Inc., owns approximately 375 KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and A&W franchises.

Using the OrderXCEL, a fast-food customer can enter an order on a touch-pad screen and pay with cash, check, credit, or debit card—all without the need for a counterperson to take the transaction. Customers who wish to avoid traditional lines at the counter can use this express service without increasing the labor costs of the restaurant.

“I think the IAS system has real potential for fast-food restaurants, because the technology enables employees to focus on giving the customers what they want as quickly as possible,” said Roger Hamblin, a consultant to KFC and former multiple-franchisee owner with the fast-food chain.

“With OrderXCEL, a restaurant can serve more customers in less time, without additional counterpeople. We think the system could allow customers to order and pick up their food in less than half a minute—that’s not only great service, but a great traffic-builder for a restaurant.”

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