This week’s Strawberry Moon will be the final “supermoon” of 2021 and Krispy Kreme is giving fans a super-cool way to celebrate with its all-new Strawberry Supermoon Doughnut, available only on Thursday, June 24, at participating shops across the U.S. 

The delicious Strawberry Supermoon Doughnut, made to look like Krispy Kreme’s own “supermoon,” is filled with Strawberry Kreme, dipped in Strawberries and Kreme icing, and topped with graham cracker “moon dust.” 

“What better way to celebrate the Strawberry Supermoon than by enjoying it with a new Krispy Kreme doughnut that looks like, well, a Strawberry Supermoon?” says Dave Skena, Chief Marketing Officer for Krispy Kreme. “But don’t want to wait ‘til the moon rises Thursday to get this doughnut; our Mars Doughnuts went fast!” 

June’s full moon is called the Strawberry Moon because it occurs during harvesting season for strawberries in the northeastern U.S. In a rarity, it also happens to be the third consecutive month for a “supermoon,” which occurs when the moon is orbiting closest to earth, making it appear larger and brighter. 

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