Sparkfly, an award-winning retail technology solutions company that helps innovative restaurants and merchants unify customer engagement technologies to create deeper and more meaningful connections with customers, announced today they have been selected by Krystal to modernize and elevate the brand’s customer experience at each of its locations across the country.

Krystal will leverage Sparkfly’s intelligent middleware platform to modernize its digital guest experience at all touchpoints including real-time connectivity to their in-store POS, web and mobile app ordering technologies developed by Plein Air, and all digital engagement channels to enable personalization at scale. With the addition of Sparkfly’s digital wallet to its web and mobile app ordering technologies, Krystal will now be able to leverage real-time transaction data to deliver personalized rewards through Sparkfly’s offer management solution in collaboration with their marketing and service platforms.

“We are incredibly honored and excited to work with such a beloved brand as Krystal,” says Sparkfly Founder and CEO Catherine Tabor. “Sparkfly’s goal is always to bring a heightened level of sophistication to today’s digitally-savvy brands, so they can provide a transformative customer experience and positively impact the overall dining experiences.”

“In order to drive long-term loyalty and profits at scale, it is imperative that we know who our most valuable guests are—and what keeps them coming back,” says Krystal CMO Casey Terrell. “Sparkfly’s intelligent middleware coupled with real-time customer insights and dynamic offers will give us the ability to continue to surprise and delight our customers for their time and commitment to our brand.”

“This is the next generation of personalized customer engagement,” said Plein Air Founder and Co-CEO Paul McEnany. “With Sparkfly and the Krystal team, we’re creating more flexible and engaging experiences that both improve the value of the site and mobile app for users and the Krystal business.”

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