La Madeleine French Bakery & Café takes guests on a flavor journey through the south of France with its new Provence-inspired menu that celebrates the food and culture of the iconic region during its peak season.

“Provence is known for its small villages, outdoor markets, fragrant herbs, fresh vegetables, lemon and olive trees, and joyful, slower pace of life,” says Susan Dederen, La Madeleine’s vice president of culinary operations. “We want to bring that ‘joie de vivre’ to our guests at la Madeleine, where they can enjoy delicious, seasonal dishes with family and friends while relaxing on our sunny patios, in our welcoming dining rooms or even with to-go meals to eat at home or in the office.”

At la Madeleine, the season’s fresh, quality ingredients can be found in authentic, “maison-made” new dishes that combine the best of France’s southern region on the crystal-blue Mediterranean Sea:

Provençal Vegetable Soupe: Potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, tomatoes, zucchini and yellow squash in a savory vegetable pesto broth

Mediterranean Salade: Grape tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, artichokes, green onions and crisp romaine tossed in Caesar dressing, topped with balsamic-marinated chicken, creamy tzatziki sauce and feta cheese

Mediterranean Chicken & Feta Sandwich: Balsamic-marinated chicken, feta cheese and roasted red pepper hummus toasted on a French baguette with Roma tomatoes, lettuce and creamy tzatziki sauce

Provençal Chicken & Rice Bowl: Balsamic-marinated chicken, roasted tomatoes, artichokes, olives and basil pesto baked en papillote (in a packet), served on a bed of Rice Provençal and topped with creamy tzatziki sauce and feta cheese

Each dish can be complemented perfectly with a glass of rosé wine, the classic accompaniment to every summer meal in the south of France, available at la Madeleine every day.

And because the region is also famous for its lemon harvest, the bakery at la Madeleine will feature a collection of handmade-daily lemon pâtisserie, including Lemon Cream Cake, Lemon White Chocolate Chunk Cookies, Lemon Tarts and its namesake Lemon Madeleines.

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