MonkeyMedia Software and LevelUp expanded their partnership by co-developing a seamless bi-directional interface between MONKEY, a leading cloud-based software platform to support the takeout, delivery and catering service channels, and LevelUp’s mobile loyalty and payment solution.

The new interface will allow LevelUp customers’ mobile loyalty and payment accounts to be connected with their corresponding MONKEY ordering accounts.  As part of this interface, a seamless native ordering experience is now supported within LevelUp’s mobile loyalty and payment application for takeout, delivery and catering orders.  Orders placed within the LevelUp ordering app are sent to the MONKEY platform via the MONKEY API, to be routed to the appropriate store location for fulfillment and distribution to the guest.  LevelUp maintains menu item and pricing accuracy by location after receiving and refreshing the appropriate information through the MONKEY API. 

“With our new interface with LevelUp, we will be able to unite the ordering experience for the restaurant brands we both serve in the online world, and now natively within their mobile loyalty and payment platform,” says Mo Asgari, President, MonkeyMedia Software. “This lets us provide a digital experience that is specifically designed for the ordering platform the restaurant guest prefers. Complimentary to the guest experience enhancement, restaurant brands will have access to better consumer insights throughout linked platforms.”

The partnership also gives consumers one user account rather than separate ones for mobile loyalty and payments, and off-premise ordering.

The new integrated experience was first put to use for the la Madeleine restaurant brand, a user of both LevelUp and MONKEY platforms.  When consumers download and order through the la Madeleine mobile app, their loyalty and mobile pay account is now tied to their ordering platform.

“Native in-app ordering has created an incredibly smooth experience for our guests. One app, one login, and one connected platform makes it easy for guests to order on-the-go while extending the la Madeleine experience beyond our four walls,” says Jordan Campbell, digital marketing manager at la Madeleine. “We’ve heard really positive feedback from our operators and guests alike on the new integrated experience.”

“This is our first mobile ordering experience through MonkeyMedia Software’s MONKEY platform and it’s truly exciting,” says Seann Moriarty, head of partnerships for LevelUp. “Now when customers order their food ahead of time in the la Madeleine app, it’s done through the MONKEY platform in one united customer experience. We think that consumers in the fast casual/[quick-service] space are moving toward mobile ordering and we’re excited for these types of partnerships across the board.”

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