Lifestyle Reward Inc. (CrewCare) announced today that it will be hosting an information booth on Aug. 28-30, 2022, during the Western Food Service and Hospitality Expo and Coffee Fest at the Crypto-com Stadium in Los Angeles, California.

According to Jemond White, the U.S. vice president of the company, “We will be presenting a low cost $45 all-inclusive robust package of employee benefits to help any business hire and retain employees by enhancing what we refer to as EVP Soup or ‘Employee Value Proposition’ to new or existing employees.” White believes CrewCare’s EVP Soup contains a strong mixture of employee retention incentives for any employee or employer to select on a voluntary basis.

The entire quick-serve food industry has been hit hard with high employee turnover, and COVID-19-related issues and the great resignation have left the food service industry with massive employee shortages and rising food costs, increasing the challenges owners and operators face in achieving profitability.

White says, “CrewCare has a solid case history of performance with our brand of employee benefits. As a key employee benefits provider to McDonald’s owners and operators nationwide, CrewCare has a solid case study of employee retention success. Our platform has virtually no learning curve and setup can be deployed in days.”

The company’s flagship product includes a robust telemedicine platform, with unlimited calls to a board-certified U.S. doctor 24/7/365, and covers a family of up to eight members. The health care portion also includes significant discounts via Aetna Dental Network, nationwide vision discounts, and chiropractic discounts. The health care even includes a mental health component so employees can make free calls to a U.S. board-certified therapist about almost any of life’s issues without additional fees, such as deductibles or copays.

White adds, “We are firm believers in people as the key asset, so the primary ingredients for our EVP Soup are what we promote, such as family, freedom, benefits, savings, and community; these are key elements of our soup mixture for staff. The benefits go way beyond the workplace and help with basic life wellness, including financial growth, me-time, and family happiness.”

In addition, at the food show, the company is unveiling three new offerings. The first is Owner TLC, which gives owners and operators the ability to communicate, reward, inspire and recognize employees on a personal level via automated, timed audio and video messages. The second new employee benefit is Credit-Pal, which helps employees start on a path to financial freedom using credit. Credit-Pal helps employees establish or repair their credit and provides valuable resources on home ownership, credit cards, and more. It is a turnkey credit help service.

Finally, the company will offer CrewCare Rideshare, an easy-to-use Uber-type mobile service that works only for employees of the same company. The mobile app is free to use; any employee can be either a driver or passenger. Any driver’s earned Rideshare fees are 100% theirs to keep. The company charges no fees. This offering, White said, will “help build a sense of community and help nearly 35% of food service workers get to and from work naturally and safely with co-workers.”

The company itself is looking forward to rubbing shoulders with fellow exhibitors and many food service giants such as: US. Foods along with owners and operators both large and small at the Expo. The company’s booth is 1524, conveniently located on a corner in the main show area. Anyone wanting to obtain more information about the company or its employee benefits offerings is encouraged to stop by the company’s booth or visit the website,

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