LivingSocial today launched a test of new food ordering and delivery features as part of the LivingSocial Instant service.

Starting today, LivingSocial members in Washington, D.C., will be able to order food for pickup or delivery from a range of popular D.C. restaurants.

LivingSocial also unveiled “LivingSocial Room Service” a new feature that will offer white glove delivery from top local restaurants with special amenities and personal touches, all managed by LivingSocial staff.

“Our goal is to provide the most compelling and valuable services for members and restaurateurs alike,” says Tim O’Shaughnessy, CEO of LivingSocial.

“Integrating delivery into our Instant service gives LivingSocial’s merchant partners the ability to reach customers both in their restaurants and the places they live and work.

He continues, “In addition, LivingSocial Room Service will offer a new and unique service that turns your dinner table into the chef's table at an exclusive restaurant through white glove delivery to your home. We believe these features enable restaurants to better meet the needs of all of their customers, from dine-in to carry-out, delivery, and more exclusive personal service.”

Instant ordering

Instant ordering will allow members in D.C. to order food for pickup and avoid long lines during the lunch or dinner rush.

If the restaurant offers delivery, members can order food from more than 70 restaurants to be brought to their home or office right from their computer or smartphone. With the addition of Instant ordering, LivingSocial offers a suite of marketing tools restaurants can pick and choose from based on their needs. 

LivingSocial Room Service

LivingSocial Room Service is a new white glove delivery option also available through LivingSocial Instant allowing restaurateurs to add more tables without expanding their restaurant. LivingSocial Room Service includes high-quality tableware, dining accessories, top-shelf presentation of food and a special after-dinner treat.

The service will be available thursday and Friday night and offer a prix fixe menu, which will change based upon each chef’s expertise and cuisine specialties.

“Much like our ever changing menu, LivingSocial Room Service is quite unique and innovative, which is what sold us on the service,” says Ari Kushimoto Norris, Co-owner, KUSHI restaurant. “We are pleased to be the official LivingSocial Room Service launch partner and with LivingSocial’s help we look forward to bringing the pleasure of the KUSHI Izakaya & sushi experience to even more D.C. residents.”

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