Clam-flavored mayonnaise? Is this real life or is this just fanta-sea? Long John Silver’s is delighted to be a part of Clam-O-Naise, the tangy, garlicky mayonnaise made with real clams.

Featuring Cards Against Humanity’s all-new Clam Pack and a free mystery prize submerged deep inside the mayonnaise, Clam-O-Naise is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. 

Each jar of Clam-O-Naise contains a unique prize. Customers can win real pearls, clam-themed vacations, or even a one-of-a-kind Toyota Clamry. The best part? 1,500 lucky customers will win a $5 gift card to Long John Silver’s!

Clam-O-Naise is on sale now for $9.99 at and in Target stores nationwide. 

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