For the first time, you can crack open a crisp, ice-cold beer to  pair with any of Long John Silver’s classic menu items. Swashbockler, the national seafood company’s first beverage alcohol refreshment, is a malty bock beer brewed with their signature malt vinegar to celebrate the end of Lenten season.  

The origins of bock beer, and its significance to the Lenten season, date back to the Middle Ages when 17th century German monks engaged in fasts for the whole 40 days of Lent. No boiled  crawfish, eggs, fruits, vegetables – they ate nothing. But how did they survive? By imbibing large quantities of a filling, calorie-rich beer that became known as bock beer.  

When you taste Swashbockler beer, you will experience a beautifully balanced German-style  Helles bock beverage with a 6.5% ABV and filled with notes of fresh bread, mild honey, and a  hint of lemon rounded out with a slight flavor of Long John Silver’s malt vinegar. It serves as the  perfect companion to wash down your crispy, crunchy, and fresh seafood dish without  overpowering the meal. A sip of Swashbockler and a bite of sizzling shrimp will leave your  tastebuds wanting more.  

To celebrate this history, Long John Silver’s has partnered with Louisville brewery Shippingport  Brewing Company in the creation of this Lenten beer. 

“The crew at Shippingport Brewing Company represented the perfect opportunity to work with  a local independent company to create a unique product for our guests to enjoy this Lenten  season,” says Christopher Caudill, senior vice president, marketing and innovation of Long John  Silver’s. 

“When this idea was brought to our team, we jumped at the opportunity to give back to our  community,” says Amelia Pillow, founder of Shippingport Brewing Company. “When opening this business in 2021, my goal was to grow interest in the area, creating a space where people  could swing by for a beer and engage with their peers right in their backyard. Adding  Swashbockler to our inventory further drives that goal of supporting and promoting Louisville based businesses.” 

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