Long John Silver’s, a quick service seafood company, is bringing back the restaurant’s classic tartar sauce this summer.

“After introducing a new tartar sauce recipe to Long John Silver’s locations around the country, some of our customers told us they missed the original recipe,” says Charles St. Clair, Chief Marketing Officer, Long John Silver’s. “When our customers speak, we listen. That is why we are proud to announce the homecoming of our classic tartar sauce recipe during the summer of 2013.”

Long John Silver’s locations nationwide will begin offering the original tartar sauce in early June, with drive thru availability by the end of September. Long John Silver’s will still offer other sauce options, including the New Zesty Tartar, Cocktail, Creamy Ranch and Sweet Thai Chili.

The brand will tell customers about the return of the classic tartar sauce through a variety of channels including in-store signage, Facebook and Twitter.

“We are sending a letter of thanks to each loyal customer who let us know through online social channels that they preferred the original recipe and we have invited them back this summer for the return of our original tartar sauce,” says St. Clair. “Long John Silver’s is very fortunate to have customers who love our taste, and stick by us. We see this as a positive experience where we can deliver the great quality food and service our customers deserve.” 

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