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    Make a Virtual Burrito Through Panchero's

  • Industry News January 7, 2010
    Panchero’s Mexican Grill, a Coralville, Iowa–based company, announced that it will launch iBurrito, a software application created for the iPhone that allows users to create their own virtual Panchero’s burrito.

    The iBurrito application is just like ordering at Panchero’s, where users are in control of customizing their own burrito, except now they are also in charge of “making” their burrito. The process starts with a dough ball, which is pressed out into a tortilla. Next, consumers can choose from 14 different ingredients, including four homemade salsas, queso, and guacamole. Then, “Bob the Tool” is used to mix the ingredients together and the final product is rolled up, sealed, and ready to post on Twitter or Facebook to share with friends. After creating a virtual burrito, users can access the GPS-powered store finder, complete with Google maps, directions, and contact information, to locate the nearest Panchero’s for the real thing.

    “We are so excited to launch iBurrito and allow our customers to create their own unique virtual burrito, using Panchero’s signature giant flour tortilla and fresh ingredients including marinated and grilled meats or vegetables, whole pinto or black beans, rice, cheese, and homemade salsa,” says founder Rodney Anderson. “iPhone applications are one of the hottest new concepts and we feel like this is a fun and interactive way of communicating with our patrons about our products.”
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