Mama Fu’s Asian House announces the development of new Digital DNA menuboards across all company locations.

On the heels of last year’s exterior and interior reimaging efforts, Mama Fu’s continues to improve the look and feel of their brand with the addition of Digital DNA menuboards.

Faced with the challenge of promoting new menu items and brand innovations without cluttering the new contemporary look, the Austin, Texas–based restaurant chain aims to implement a digital menu that aligns with the brand’s trademark Flex-Casual model, featuring counter service during the day and full service on nights and weekends.

“We want to keep customers up-to-date on our unique brand attributes and innovations, so we created a variety of animated marketing messages for the new Digital DNA menuboards” says Randy Murphy, CEO of Mama Fu’s. “The messages will focus on our Flex-Casual service, delivery, catering, food quality and freshness, Funatics Club loyalty program, and the new Black Market Menu.”

Designed to increase revenue while creating a memorable guest experience, Mama Fu’s has created a digital platform with three zones, or “customer touchpoints”, complete with menu descriptions, pricing, and Asian-themed video content.

Upon entering the restaurant, customers will be met with three high-definition monitors running horizontally at eye level. During counter-service hours, the Digital DNA will display traditional menuboard content–menu item descriptions and pricing–and will feature a section where relevant marketing messages will rotate periodically.

The digital boards will display a mix of animated marketing messages and Asian-themed video content during table service hours.

When guests order at the counter for lunch or take-out, they will find a high-definition monitor built directly into the counter, displaying menu items and pricing and rotating marketing messages. Surrounded by custom cabinetry, the monitor blends seamlessly with the POS station and counter.

Using the existing FuTube Channel wall monitors, a rotation of Asian-themed video content and animated marketing messages will be on display throughout all hours of service.

With 12 locations open and operating in four states, Mama Fu’s offers guests convenience, value, and unique flavors with its high-quality, made-to-order Asian-inspired food.

With a contemporary and user-friendly menu that allows guests to navigate their options more easily, guests can choose between a rice dish or noodle bowl, as well as their protein of choice, from a selection of Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Korean menu options.

More health-conscious guests can order a Steam Bowl or salad, or have their protein prepared wok-seared, a cooking method that reduces oils and starch.

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