Marco’s Pizza announced its new growth initiative to expand in strategic DMAs across the country, introducing 30 new locations by 2020.

The brand is offering a viable opportunity for multi-unit franchisee development in small markets—Lubbock/Longview/Tyler, Texas, Savannah, Georgia, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Shreveport, Louisiana, Boise, Idaho, Reno, Nevada, Albuquerque, New Mexico—for experienced local operators to join the growing brand. With each market requiring no more than 2-4 restaurants to be developed, new franchisees can truly own and dominate the market, taking a slice out of the booming $47 billion pizza industry. Marco’s Pizza is actively seeking qualified franchise partners in the following territories:

Texas: Ranking no. 1 in America’s Top States for Business in 2018, Texas proves to be an ideal market for expansion. Building on the strength of its 85 existing locations across the state, Marco’s Pizza is seeking development in Lubbock, which can hold seven locations, and Longview/Tyler which has potential for three locations.

Georgia: Marco’s Pizza has found incredible success here with more than 100 active locations, 90 of which operate in the Atlanta hub. Georgia continues to be a prime state for development due to its diverse talent pool and community with deep restaurant industry roots. Ideal development will occur in Savannah which has potential for three locations.

Oklahoma: After vast market research, it’s clear a diverse small-business ecosystem is finding root in Oklahoma’s second-largest city—Tulsa. With a low-cost operating environment and a robust pipeline of talent coming from nearby universities, Marco’s Pizza sees growth potential to bring six locations throughout the city, adding to its nearly 25 locations open across the state.

Louisiana: There are currently three successful locations in Louisiana leaving an open market for growth potential. Kicking off this development push is a new Bossier City location that recently opened June 2018 with high performance marks. The ideal target market for continued expansion is Shreveport, which has potential for four locations.

Idaho: Marco’s Pizza debuted in the state early this year with a location open in Meridian. Pizza lovers in the greater Boise market are soon to realize the quality associated with the Marco’s name as the brand seeks to develop five new locations.

Nevada: With nearly 10 locations operating at high performance, Marco’s Pizza seeks to capitalize on the opportunity for continued development throughout the state, targeting expansion in the Reno market which has the potential for two locations.

New Mexico: With a positive business climate and an open real estate market, Marco’s Pizza seeks to debut in the state, aiming to open three locations in Albuquerque,

“Expanding our presence throughout these key DMAs is an exciting chapter for our growth story as we break into untapped markets with new franchise partners,” says Tony Libardi, president of Marco’s Pizza. “Our development team is poised for success and our initial locations in these areas will no doubt bring success to enthusiastic entrepreneurs. Marco’s Pizza is hands-down the best quality and our customer service outmatches the competition – all of which has created a loyal customer following directly contributing to our $725K average unit volume.”

The 900-plus unit brand aims to reach 1,500 locations by 2020, crediting its rapid growth to its strong corporate backing, ability to take market share, unit-level profitability, authentic Italian quality food standards as well as capability to attract top talent among its franchisees. Marco’s Pizza’s commitment to its people and authenticity will drive its long-term success as it continues to expand its footprint nationwide.

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