America’s top three quick-serves and KFC have been sued in a New York state court for allegedly posting “irresponsible and deceptive nutritional information ” and creating a “de facto addiction in customer” according to CBS Marketwatch.

Samuel Hirsch, the attorney who filed the complaint on July 24th, says the suit is, in part, an attempt to force the fast-food industry to include healthier fare on its menu and encourage lawmakers to craft legislation requiring warnings on fast food similar to those already found on cigarettes and alcohol. Hirsch told reporters yesterday that the industry should ” offer a larger variety to the consumer, including non-meat vegetarian, less grams of fat, and a reduction of size.

Damages sought have not been specified.

National Restaurant Association chief executive and president Steven Anderson said “the lawsuit is a blatant attempt to capitalize on the recent publicity and news stories on the growing rates of obesity.”

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