Beginning March 8, McDonald’s restaurants nationwide will salute the Walt Disney World “100 Years of Disney Magic” celebration with a full-scale promotion including a parade of 100 Disney character Happy Meal toys and a set of four special edition commemorative glasses.

The McDonald’s promotion featuring the Walt Disney World “100 Years of Magic”” celebration
runs from March 8 through April 4, and brings the nostalgic feel of 100 years of Walt Disney World
memories to customers through a collection of historical Happy Meal toys, Happy Meal boxes,
carry-out bags and in-restaurant décor.

“We are delighted to bring the creation and imagination of a century of shared Disney memories
into our restaurants and customers’ homes,” said Peter Sterling, vice president, McDonald’s U.S.
marketing. “We are proud of our Disney/McDonald’s alliance and salute this grand celebration of
Walt Disney’s life. Children and adults will have fun remembering and reliving their first Disney
memory with this fun McDonald’s promotion.”

A Parade of Disney Happy Meal Toys—McDonald’s will introduce a collection of 100 exclusive
Happy Meal toys inspired by Disney’s admired collection of theatrical, video, and television
characters. Representing more than 40 Disney films, the McDonald’s premiums include a mix of
new and classic Disney characters, allowing kids and parents of all ages to recall favorite Disney
memories. Each Happy Meal premium is fully decorated and is featured on a commemorative
base, which includes the character’s debut date, character’s name and the Walt Disney World
“100 Years of Magic” logo.

The McDonald’s Happy Meal promotion featuring the Walt Disney World “100 Years of Magic”
celebration is a historical collection of Disney favorites, from classic characters like Mickey Mouse,
Dumbo, Cinderella, and Mary Poppins to the newer innovations, including Ariel, Aladdin, Bianca,
Pocahontas, Tarzan, Jesse, and Hercules.

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